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Pre-Wedding PhotoShoot in Bhopal

Pre-wedding photoshoot redefines the Courtship period of a couple’s life. Courtship period is one of the most beautiful phases of life. It’s courtship period when the couple starts to dream about their future together. This is where their wedding tale begins.

Tales of Wedding is specialized in Wedding Photography & Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Bhopal. We are well aware of the classic & exotic locations in Bhopal for pre-wedding Photoshoot.

With pre-wedding photoshoot, we capture the aura & essence of your feelings. So be it the very first vibe of your beautiful smile or the stealing glances between the couple, we frame your romantic moments just like they way you want it to be. We understand that your story is unique and so we present it in the most magical way.

We come up with the most innovative photography ideas to make your tale of love special! Our team is equipped with the latest cameras and gadgets which add charm to your lovely moments. So, if you are looking forward to cherishing your precious courtship moments, then we frame it for you with utmost perfection.

Choose, your favorite pre-wedding Photoshoot locations in Bhopal and let us picture the perfect beginning to your very own fairy tale!

For Pre-Wedding PhotoShoot, Call us on 9575267404.

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Best Wedding PhotoGraphy in Bhopal

We believe that every marriage is a promise to be ‘together forever’. It’s a beautiful journey of two hearts becoming one soul.

If pre-wedding photoshoot redefines the Courtship period of a couple’s life, then Wedding Photography captures the emotions and moments when two souls step together on a single journey.

Be it the Mehendi, Musicals, bridal makeup or jam-packed DJ night, We ensure that all the special occasions are covered with perfection. The main goal of our wedding Photography is to capture the essence of your wedding story. We highlight the emotions and details that made your wedding day one of the most important days of your lifetime.

So, if you are planning to take your wedding vows soon, then Our team of shutterbugs may add that extra pinch of magic to your big day. We encapsulate your wedding story and make your special moments even more enticing.

Let us together create the most special wedding tales!

For Best Wedding PhotoGraphy, call us on 9575267404.

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Tales of Wedding | Lalwani Video Vision Digital Studio

Tales of Wedding is a Photography dream child of Lalwani Video Vision & Digital Studio, currently managed by the famous Photographer Bharat Lalwani. Located in Bhopal, Tales of Wedding has expertise in PreWedding PhotoShoot in the amazing photogenic locations, Wedding Photography, and Candid Photography. Tales of Wedding has been in the business of creating unforgettable wedding memories for last 30 years.
We take every effort to make your special day more memorable through our experience, skills and latest gadgets (technology). Through our photography, we do not only capture the essence of the moments but also, we capture the moments which you might have missed in the mayhem.
We believe in unity in diversity. Ranging from Punjabi weddings to the serenity of Bengali weddings, from the loud Sindhi weddings to traditional Marwari weddings, we have covered it all. From Sangeet to Mehandi, from cocktail parties to wedding mantras we make sure you relive and cherish every occasion through the memories created by our team. Contact us on 9575267404.